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MLRC Summer 2018 Programs and News

We've moved our logs outside so it's time to sign up for your MLRC Summer Pass! 



Two Rolling Locations this Summer

  • Arden Hills !  Adults will now roll on Mondays from 6 - 7:30 at Arden Hills Beach Park  (1735-1761 Lake Johanna Blvd, Arden Hills, MN 55112, located at Tony Schmidt Regional Park.) 
  • Kids will roll at East Cedar Lake Beach on Sundays from 6 - 7:30.
  • All-ages night will also be at East Cedar Lake Beach on Wednesdays from 6 - 7:30
  • When you buy a summer pass, or a punch card, you can roll at either or both locations. 

Beginner Lessons are Back by Popular Demand

30 minute beginning lessons!   These are open to the public.  No experience necessary.  All ages are welcome; these are perfect for families or groups of friends who want to try something new together.  Lessons will be taught in small groups (4 students at a time).  Lessons will be taught by competitive MLRC rollers who have been certified as Key Log Rolling Instructors.  Lessons will take place at East Cedar Lake Beach on Sundays during the 5pm hour.  Please help spread the word.  Participants may join the club after taking 3 of these lessons.  Registration for these lessons is on our website.

PUNCH CARDS! are New this Summer  

MLRC Punch Cards!  now you don't have to commit to an entire summer of rolling.  Roll as much as you want whenever you want.  Flex your roll with the new punch card system.  Each punch entitles you to an evening of club rolling (Mondays for adults in Roseville, Sundays for kids at Cedar, Wednesdays all-ages).   

DISCOUNTS are also back this year

Discounts!:  If you are a member of a log rolling family or household, please use this link to purchase summer passes for multiple people in your household.  The 2nd and subsequent members of each household pay only 1/2 price of the summer pass!  MLRC Voting Members will receive a 10% discount on Summer Passes and Punch cards.

Become a Voting Member of MLRC

Become a voting member!  Voting members of the Minneapolis Log Rolling Club vote on club policy and direction at our annual meeting in October and receive several benefits and perks throughout the year in the form of invites to special log rolling events as well as discounts on MLRC tournaments and registrations.  


Email us at

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Summer 2018; we are ready to ROLL!!

What the What?  looks like MLRC log rolling is the new stuff!  Come be a part of the action on June 10th at LynLake Brewery during Lyndale Open Streets!

What the What?  looks like MLRC log rolling is the new stuff!  Come be a part of the action on June 10th at LynLake Brewery during Lyndale Open Streets!

Lots going on behind the scenes at MLRC.  We are working hard on building our club for the future and in the meantime, the logs are out of the Cooke10 pool at the UofMN and are traveling to their summer beach homes.  

logs out.jpg



Punch Cards!  Now, you can flex your roll in a non-committal, pay per use, punch card sort of way.    In lieu of buying a summer pass for the whole season, you can choose to roll on whichever evenings you want with our punch card pass.  You must be able log roll independently and you have had some beginning log rolling instruction prior to buying a punch card. 

Adults will have their adults-only rolling on Monday evenings in Roseville!  What?  they roll in Roseville?  yes!  The City of Roseville is excited to bring MLRC log rolling to the shores of Lake Johanna.  Specifically:  Arden Hills Beach Park 1735-1761 Lake Johanna Blvd, Arden Hills, MN 55112, located at Tony Schmidt Regional Park.  If you have signed up for the 2018 Summer Pass or or have purchased the new Punch Card and you are an adult, we'll see you in Roseville on Mondays from 6 - 7:30.

Kids will be rolling on the popular and relaxing Sunday Evenings from 6 - 7:30 at East Cedar Lake Beach  .  Though the youth training will be "open rolling" format, one of our own teenagers and Key Log Rolling certified instructors will be paid to get the logs in and out of the lake and make sure everyone is happily engaging in cooperative log rolling training and sharing equipment nicely.  

Returning this year:

Our popular one-off 30 minute beginning lessons!  Taught by competitive log rollers and Key Log Rolling certified instructors, these 30 minute beginner lessons are open to all ages and are taught in small classes sizes of up to 4.  They offer a personalized introduction to log rolling.   Classes will be taught on Sunday evenings in the 5 o'clock pm hour at East Cedar Lake Beach.  Sign up here.   Take 3, 30 minute classes and you are eligible to join the club and sign up for a Summer Pass or a Punch Card.  These classes would be a fun way for a family to try the growing and popular sport of log rolling together in a beautiful Minneapolis lake.


  • Open Streets June 10th in front of LynLake Brewery
  • Shakespeare in the park at East Cedar Lake Beach June 24th - log rolling demos
  • Demos in Roseville
  • Club Cup bragging rights and a whole lotta fun TBD in late summer
  • James J Hill Days tournament 2nd weekend in September
Buh Bye Winter! Hello Summer of Rolling!

Buh Bye Winter! Hello Summer of Rolling!

MLRC Announces Indoor Season: Open House and Session One Registration is open!

Once again, we'll be returning to our winter home in the Cooke10 Pool at the University of Minnesota Recreation Wellness building.  Its getting chilly for even the most adventuresome rollers in the club and we'll be bringing our Key Logs to the U of MN in time for our annual Voting Members Meeting and free Open House on October 29th! 

We polled our members and used their input to plan up an exciting program.  Session 1 will run from November 5th to Dec 17th.  Each registered log roller will roll up to 3 hours.  Kids will have a kids only coached training session from 5 to 6pm on Sundays followed by a 1 hour all ages open roll from 6pm to 7pm.  Adults will have their dedicated coached training session from 6:30 to 7:30 pm on Mondays followed by an all ages open roll from 7:30 - 8:30pm.  

Exciting and new this year:  Elite Level, Coach-led Training for Kids and Adults

MLRC is extremely lucky to have several elite level log rollers among its ranks. These elite rollers will take turns volunteering during the first hour of each night to provide some structure, training ideas and coaching. Each coach will apply their own style, personality, and experience to the job and the structure will thus vary from week to week. We believe this will provide a rich, skills-developing environment for MLRC members. Please note, that the elite rollers who volunteer as coaches during the coach-led hours will be focusing on their own training during the open-rolling hours. 

Register for Session 1 here

Are you a beginner? If you have only log rolled a handful of times or have never log rolled before, consider taking a Learn to Log Roll Class on the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota.  More info and register here.  

MLRC between seasons: Log Rolling Opportunities with Sister Log Rolling programs in the Twin Cities

Our regular summer rolling schedule has come to an end and our winter indoor season is currently being planned and won't get underway until the first week of November.  While our hard core Key Holding Members are still rolling outside until late October or when the frostiness of winter finally slams the door on outdoor rolling, you may be looking for something a bit more structured and a bit more... umm... inside.  May we suggest some awesome and accessible indoor rolling opportunities for you?

University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus Learn to Roll Classes


No lessons on Saturday, November 25th for Thanksgiving Holiday.

$35 for University of Minnesota Members / $40 for Community Members.

Day and Time 

Ages 6-9: Saturdays @ 4:00pmRegister

Ages 10-15: Saturdays @ 5:00 pmRegister

Adults: Saturdays @ 6:00 pmRegister

All lessons are held at the St. Paul Gym pool.

This course will teach the basics of log rolling.

  • Safety around and on the log
  • How to get on the log
  • The proper stance and balance
  • Footwork
  • Rolling with another person

This is a 5-week course that will include 30 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of free time each week. On the last day of the course, there will be a mini-tournament. No experience is necessary.


Scholarships are available to eligible participants. For more information and scholarship application details please contact or call (612) 625-3794.

Nicollet Middle School

Part of the Burnsville Savage Eagan ISD 191 Community Ed programming, Log Rolling at the Nicollet Middle School is one of the best deals in town.  For only $5 , you can do Open Rolling (no instructor available) on Tuesdays form 7 - 8 pm.   or if you want a bit more structure, Try the month long class they have offered beginning Sep 26 on Tuesdays from 6:30 - 7:15 for $36/person, $65/pair, $125/family of four.  More info and registration: or 952-707-4150  

The Grove Aquatic Center (Inver Grove Heights Parks and Recreation)

you can "Give it a Try!" on Saturdays from 12 - 1 pm for $5 (free for members)


they have a Log Rolling Club which meets on Sundays from Oct. 8 - November 19th from 6:30 - 7:30 $49(free for members)

More info and registration:  651-450-2480