MLRC Key Holder Membership 2019 (Includes Summer Pass)

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MLRC Key Holder Membership 2019 (Includes Summer Pass)


Want the Keys to the Club?

Become a Minneapolis Log Rolling Club Key Holder Membership (KHM) for the 2019 summer session and have access to MLRC equipment ALL SUMMER LONG!


The cost for a KHM is $300

This price includes the cost of a Summer Rolling Pass. If you pay for a KHM, you will also be able to attend all club nights during the summer session.

This price does NOT include Voting Membership fees ($40.00/year).


To be considered for a KHM, you MUST be a Voting Member of the MLRC.

Keys are limited; priority for KHMs will go to those who have been a Voting Member longest.

There are a LIMITED number of keys available for the beach at Lake Johanna. These keys will be given out based on priority (see above).


A KHM entitles you to hold a physical key which unlocks the MLRC club-owned logs stored at West Cedar Lake Beach. As a KHM, you may use your key outside of official club-sponsored rolling times (Sundays 5:00-7:30 p.m.; Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.) to unlock and use the logs at the West Cedar Lake Beach. You may choose to roll with other club members OR personal guests. While using your key, you and any guests that you invite will be personally liable for any damage or injury incurred. The MLRC insurance policy is only valid during published club nights and for registered club members only.  

The MLRC reserves the right to limit, rescind, or terminate any Key Holder Membership or the entire Key Holder Membership program.  

Key Holder Memberships are good for one outdoor rolling season only (ie. Summer 2019, June through August).

As a KHM, you are responsible for all of the equipment owned by the MLRC. From the time you have unlocked the logs and until you lock them back up, YOU are responsible for all equipment.  You are responsible for making sure only your personal guests use the logs while you have them unlocked.  You must not leave the logs unattended and unlocked.  You must share the logs with other MLRC key holders if more than one key holder has come to the beach to use the logs. 

Questions? Email with the subject title "KHM Inquiry". 

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