MLRC Fall 2018 Indoor Session (Oct 30 - Dec 16, 2018)

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cooke10practice 2.jpg
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MLRC Fall 2018 Indoor Session (Oct 30 - Dec 16, 2018)


There will be a free open house and kick-off event on Oct 21, 2018 for prospective new club members. Club members are encouraged to come, help out, roll, and bring friends who are interested in learning more about the club. Pre-registration is free and required for this event.

Please Note!: NO ROLLING on the following dates during Thanksgiving week: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 and Sunday November 25, 2018

Pool: Cooke10 Poole of Uof MN Recwell in Minneapolis

Address: 123 SE Harvard St, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Parking: We recommend metered on-street parking or parking in the University Ave Parking Ramp behind the RecWell building (University Avenue Ramp, 1926 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455). Anecdotally, we haven’t noticed people getting parking tickets on Sunday evenings.

When: Sundays from 5 - 6:30pm and Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8pm

Description: Each registrant is entitled to 3 hours of all-ages collaborative open rolling for 6 weeks. Our club ethos is to have fun and help each other develop log rolling skills. While responsible adults and elite level rollers will likely be present, and constructive rolling advice is always free flowing; these open-rolling sessions will not be coach-led or structured. 

Information for Parents of Youth (under 18*) 

Parents are responsible for their kids' behavior; making sure everyone present can concentrate on developing log rolling skills. That being said, there will be a lifeguard on duty at all times and parents may stay or drop-off and leave as they see fit. Basic swim skills are required unless parents are in the water with their child.  It is expected that kids have tried log rolling before or have previously taken a learn to log roll course.  If you have any questions about this guideline, please email  There is a learn to log roll class at the U of MN St. Paul campus pool that is suitable for kids/families/adults who have never log rolled before. Julie Colby who is a parent of competitive log rollers and board member of MLRC will be present during most Sunday evening rolling sessions and has offered to provide guidance and structure for kids who would like some coaching.

Suitability Information for Adult Registrants:

The water depth in the Cooke10 pool is a minimum of 3.5 feet. Therefore, log rollers must be able to ‘deep water start’. This can be very challenging for beginners. It is therefore strongly suggested that adults take a log rolling class or achieve intermediate skill level prior to signing up for this training session. If you have questions about this suggestion, please contact There is a learn to log roll class at the U of MN St. Paul campus pool that is suitable for kids/families/adults who have never log rolled before.

Equipment: All MLRC rollers and the parents of youth MLRC rollers will be communally responsible for getting logs out of the closet and filling them up at the beginning of each training night as well as emptying and returning logs to the closet at the end of each training night. We ask that parents of younger youth, older youth and adult participants work together to set up equipment, organize competitive rolling drills and activities and put equipment away on time.

Voting Members should use their Voting Membership discount code which provides our voting members a 10% discount on sessions. Voting Membership rolls will be crossed checked against the use of the discount. To read more about becoming a Voting Member of the MLRC, click here.

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